dominates the market. Why should a hotel have a proper website with reservation?

  1. A simple modern website with reservation option brings additional money to a hotel.

Let’s do the math. commission is up to 25%. A website cost is 800 EUR (850 USD). For example, the average room tariff of your hotel is 100 EUR (106 USD). If a customer rents 100 EUR room for a night via you pay 25 EUR commission each time. 800 EUR/ 25EUR = 32 nights. This means that all you need is to get 32 nights reservation of a single room from your website instead of to compensate website making investments. That’s easy because most likely your hotel has more than one room and your customers book more than a single night at a time.

  1. Your website allows you to present all advantages of your hotel and sell additional services/products. gets money only from rooms reservations and not interested in the promotion of any additional facilities or services of your hotel. Restaurant/Bar menu, special events organization, ski, BBQ equipment renting, local wine shop are few things to mention which can only be properly presented with a website.

  1. Get the best out of high season and minimize low season loss.

High season trick:

Unlike your website is extremely flexible tool. There are several tricks how to maximize your income with your website on high season. Here is one of them:

Christmas time is a high season for many hotels but most of them handle it wrongly online. Usually a hotel changes settings to fully booked hoping to get customers from other sources and not to pay commission. But this is a mistake because customers first enter to where they see your hotel fully booked and they will ignore you even if they see the ad of your hotel somewhere else. What we suggest is to put extremely high prices on for this period of time and make much cheaper package proposal on your website or other places you advertise your hotel. We know that does not allow you to rent your rooms with cheaper tariffs but you can make promotional package. Let’s say that you will simply make two nights stay with a bottle of water/Champaign include much cheaper than renting the same on

Low season trick:

Imagine that you can reduce your price by 25% instead of paying commission to

Ski resort cannot get customers in summer if there is no special event while beach resort cannot get customers in winter.

Key thing in a low season is to organize special event in your hotel like: music festival, cooking school, education courses of any type and etc. Only your own website can help you to handle this.

  1. Keep second time visitors without 25% income loss.

Give a card with 5% discount to all your guests if they make reservation via your website.

  1. Stay connected

What if you have a special offer for your customers or new service? Your website will allow you to grab their emails and send all the information to them.

You may organize new event or have special lunch offer in the restaurant of your hotel for locals.

E-mail subscription options on your website can help you.