How are we different?

We started our business with few questions:

Why so many websites don’t work for their owners?

Why a $5000-worth website brings less results than a free Facebook Page?

Is a website enough to be successful online? 

We came to surprising conclusions which inspired us to make our own agency.


1. The biggest problem of nearly all websites is that they are made by programmers.

Programmers, web developers and designers will not ask you what is your business about? How does it work? Who are your customers and how do you get them? Who are your competitors? What contribution to your business do you expect from your website? They will not ask you many other questions which are important to create a successful online solution for your company.

We study your business to make it successful online

2. Web developers don’t teach their customers how to work online.



In short, web developers give you a car but don’t teach how to drive it. There is a huge amount of online tools you may need to use besides your website. It is important that someone picks the right online services for your business and explain how to use them. It goes without saying that you need to learn how to use your website properly.

We train our customers how to use their website as well as other usefull online services 

3. Your website content is more important than its design or functionality.



To be on the first page of Google you need to have a unique timely updated content on your website because that is how Google works. Your website design and functionality will not make you searchable. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is still required but not as much as it is appreciated. Web developers will never touch this important part because in their business model they have to bring you a car not to teach you how to drive it.

We help you to make content that will put your website on the first Google page